Marmorino is a natural lime plaster of the highest quality. It’s made from lime putty,  marble aggregates, lime seed oil and other natural additives. An interior and exterior decorative wall plaster, Marmorino produces a wide range of textures including a distressed marble-like finishes to various natural stone-looks. It can be troweled to a smooth velvet feel or a semi textured look. It can be applied to any substrate, mainly applied to plasterboard, render or wood furniture. Tinted to any colour, which can be matched to most popular paint swatches. The final finish will have deeper tones and darker shades of your colour, this is because when the plaster is burnished It gives you this beautiful shade of colour. All of our custom colors are tinted by eye and as such some minor color variance is to be expected. Once cured marmorino is finished with a breathable sealer or wax. You can achieve a glossy, semi-gloss or satin like marble affect, Marmorino creates a modern, luxurious finish thats perfect for any space.


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